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11th-May-2006 08:10 am(no subject)
So finally I got my phone and internet back and tonight I shall take pictures of my latest projects and share them with all you lovely people! Take care!

24th-Mar-2006 08:01 am(no subject)
Sorry I havent been able to update lately my darlings Ihave just been busy. I shall be able to get some pictures soon and I will give you the update of a lifetime.
27th-Dec-2005 02:32 pm - Crochet Case Hunt
Monkey Bath
So, I'm coming to you guys hoping you can help me.

I'm in a search for a new crochet case, because the fasteners for mine died and cannot be repair. The problem is that I can't find what I am looking for, and googling has turned up nothing. I know, however, that there are people who make them, and perhaps someone out there in LJ land knows someone who makes something like I am looking for.

What I would like is a case that will hold a complete set of hooks, including steel hooks. (At least 16 spaces, 18 would be nice.) I'd like for them each to have their own space, rather than having to put 2-3 in a space, because it seems to me that it would be not just easier to find the right size, but also they wouldn't move around and possibly fall out if there were spots more-or-less the proper size for the hooks. I'd also like a flap to go over the top of the hooks to hold them in place.

I'm also hoping to find one that has a pocket or two to hold scissors, stitch markers, a needle, etc, that zips or otherwise closes securely.

Preferably one that is made with a cute fabric. (i.e. not quilted, not hard, not leather. Fabric in some sort of cute or unusual print.) I know there is a pattern out there to crochet your own case, but that's not really the look I'm going for.

I can find a lot of cases that have some of these criterion, but not one that has them all. I like the Lantern Moon cases, but not that the hook spaces are so wide. I like the Ashland Sky kind, but there's not enough hook space, and the space for notions isn't completely sealed off. Suggestions?

(X-posted a couple of places, because there is not crochet anymore.)
14th-Oct-2005 05:49 pm(no subject)

Yes I have completed another project since my last entry last night. I started on this last night and just finished it :-D


My free-hand baby over coatCollapse )

13th-Oct-2005 05:48 pm(no subject)

Okay so here are some of the very first things I have crochet , I do everything free hand. I have been crocheting since this last may is I am still not as good as I could be :-)


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18th-Sep-2005 05:28 pm - WELCOME!
Welcome all to crochet_is_life! Feel free to update as much as you'd like!

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